How to get a job

Follow these 15 Steps to get a Job Fast

1) Save Time Job Searching By Using Advanced Search Options

All major jobs board such as,,, etc. have advance search option. Search jobs according to your need and field. Don’t waste your time by searching irrelevant jobs and websites.


2) Applying For Every Job You Find Isn’t Always a Good Idea

Applying every job will do nothing but waste of time. So don’t waste your precious time by bulk apply on every jobs. Apply for just relevant to your qualifications and experience.

3) Don’t Stop Applying For Jobs

It is very hard get relevant job but don’t stop applying because sometimes it takes time to let employer finish his shortlisted candidate. So keep applying and never think that’s enough.


4) You Need a Specific Cover Letter or Your Resume May Not Get Noticed

Cover letter with your resume is same like bones with blood. If you will not attach your cover letter along with your resume you may lose your chance to cover employer’s eye. Cover letter should be comprehensive and contained all about why employers should hire you.


5) You Should Also Target Your Resume to the Job

If you have multiple field experience, build your CV separately according to your experience. For example if you have studies in IT and experience in HSE field, you can create two CV for both separately so you can apply in both sector.

Multiple Job Experience

6) You Don’t Need To Include All Your Experience On Your Resume.

Experience is one of the major factor that catch employer’s attention. Employer is only want to see resume according to his requirements. When you put irrelevant experience in your resume, you might lose your chance to get hired.


7) You Can Include More Than Full-Time Employment on Your Resume

What an employer want from an employee? Just to work hard round the clock. If you mention that you are willing to work round the clock or more than full time, it will definitely make you unique among competition.


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8) Dress like A Manager or A Successful Person in Your Profession

While you go for interview don’t dress like you are very needy for this job. Your attitude is everything. If you go like a PRO and act like you are willing to do this job but as professional not as needy, you might create your value in front of employers.

interview questions

9) Be Yourself at the Interview

Don’t try to be over smart of dumb in interview. Be calm and most important BE YOURSELF. When you are being yourself you will be confident automatically and you’ll not need to describe yourself.

10) Storytelling during a Job Interview

What is Storytelling? Storytelling is telling something in details like you tell any common story. So when you are telling about your previous career, make it like a story so that you can grab employer’s interest.


11) Never say anything bad about a previous employer

While you are talking about your previous experience never tell anything bad about your previous employer or your job hurdles. Because if you do so, employer will imagine himself in place of previous employer and he will think that when you will move to next company you will say same to next about me.


12) You Should Send a Thank-You Note After A Job Interview

A thank you note will keep the employer in touch and remind him that you came to me for interview. That will make your good impact on employer and your chances to get hired will become high.


13) Networking Is an Essential Component of Successful Job Hunting

Most of the people get jobs from friends of with the reference of friend or mate. So keep your network strong. Keep all your contacts in touch and let them know that you are available to hire.


14) References Can Make a Big Difference in Getting Hired

If you get an opportunity and you know you can be hired there, try to get a reference that might help you. Reference has great impact on hiring process.


15) It’s Acceptable to Apply for the Same Job More Than Once

If you applied for a job and didn’t hear from them any soon, try to follow up by re applying the same job. If you find the same job on another job board, you must apply for that. Sometimes a job portal cannot give you what you want and some other do.

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Additional Tips:

Get some work experience

Try to get some experience in your relevant field even if you have to work for free. Don’t hesitate to work at low level initially because now a days it’s very hard to get a job especially in relevant field. So whenever you get a chance to get some experience, say YES! Without a blink of an eye.

Put your ego to one side

Ego, arrogance, proud are major key factors that will never let you build your career. Put your ego in your pocket while looking for job. As I mentioned above today market is very competitive. So start your career even from low level. Getting a job means putting first step towards your bright future.

Start looking for a job straight away

When you are looking for a job, don’t confuse yourself with other things. Focus on your goals and keep your vision straight. You have to be dedicated towards your future career and put all other things aside.

Make your own luck

It is very famous quote “MAKE YOUR OWN LUCK”. By this means make yourself worthy enough so that employers come to you. Once you are worthy enough you don’t have to go to hunt a job. Jobs will come to you. For that you need to build your resume so heavy that no one could deny you. Start doing certifications, diplomas and all relevant things that no one else is doing. You’ll automatically be unique and will build your own luck.

Create a career story

Create your career story on different jobs portal so that employers can find you. Make your story so interested that employer prompt you call you for interview.